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sidi dominator 5 mesh mega lorica mtb bike shoes   Sidi Dominator 5 Mesh Mega Lorica MTB Bike ShoesWith the heavy and hectic schedule we are in, we are always entitled to a nice and relaxing getaway to de-stress. There are several ways to relieve yourself from stress. You can stay at home and read good books, hang out with friends, do yoga and give time for yourself or you can indulge with an exhilarating adventure like cycling. However make sure that you have a pair of reliable shoes like Sidi Dominator 5 Mesh Mega Lorica MTB Bike Shoes for Men.

These top-of-the-line Sidi Dominator 5 Mesh Mega mountain bike shoes are durable, breathable and abrasion resistant, offering personalized fit adjustments and a wide width. It is one of the best pair that you can have.

Made from Lorica perforated synthetic leather and nylon mesh uppers , it provides a glovelike fit with excellent breathability. The Ultra SL Buckle allows precise on-the-fly adjustability; make micro adjustments to match the ride’s intensity.

For a good fit, the 2 rip-and-stick closure straps feature recessed polymer teeth that interlock when straps are closed for a secure closure. With molded plastic heel cups it helps stabilize and center the heels to help avoid injuries.

Other features include competition outsoles offer rigidity and a tread pattern that delivers excellent traction and expels mud.  Also soft instep closure system and padded tongue allow pressure relief across instep and Airplus compressed foam insoles add padding and breathability.