pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano RT81 Shoes

shimano rt81 shoes   Shimano RT81 ShoesThe upper mesh of Shimano RT81 Shoes is made from a combined competition-style mesh and leather panel. Adding a slim line which is designed to accept the SPD-style twin-bolt steel cleats and to permit a much comfier walking, the new Shimano RT 81 looks like custom-made for the heavy demands of cycling sport riding.

Performance is not really the priority with this kind of shoes though, rather this was designed to prioritize the ability or the rider to walk around at the start of the race to the finish making it like regular comfortable shoes only much better to wear and look at.

The outsole of this shoes, works the same way as an mtb sole. The cleats  between the rubber strips sure the rider’s foot place both on the pedal itself. It does the same as well when walking, protecting the cleats sets from the ground.

The RT 81 is made with minimum rubber, smoothly contoured while saing weight and gives the support only where it is needed. The midsole is also molded in a stiff black plastic which provides more stiffness than the usual cycling needs. The toe bar and rubber is also added to ensure the shoe’s capacity of service to the user.

The shoe is made specifically stiff enough for moderate competition use only. The upper leather panels is supported by a mesh fabric while through two Velcro-styles straps and a micro-adjusted buckle-secured strap allows the rider good adjustment while ridng.    

This shoe is recommended to have it’s own Shimano pedals. Although it is also compatible with all types of SPRD-style pedal, Shimano’s single-sided PD-A600 and PD-A520 pedal models is still recommended. The Shimano RT81 comes in one color way, the bronze and white with EU sizes ranging from 39 to 40 and weighs at about 682g per pair.