pinit fg en rect gray 20   Salsa Chainrings

salsa chainrings   Salsa ChainringsThe brand Salsa Cycles have not just been known for their chromoly stems and a variety of frames. They are also very much in demand for making accessories and components for bikes. You must know that their Salsa Chainrings are amongst their finest products. 

You can depend on these Salsa Chainrings especially on your singlespeed bike. And you can find them almost everyone now in the market. They may lack ramps or pins but these Salsa Chainrings can be left best to work for the singlespeed drivetrains. The advantage with the ramped and pinned options is that they can be shifted smoothly.  

All their rings are machined from a 7075-T6 aluminum. You can always find Salsa rings to fit properly on the spiders of chainrings which is capable of yielding chain tension. Even after several miles, you won’t experience any single ring warp or any other flaw with the Salsa chainring. You can find them in the usual road bolt and mountain bolt patterns for just around $30 in any bike shop.  

These are very ideal chainrings for someone who is running on a tight budget. Remember that its absence of ramps or pins is not really a disadvantage for it is not meant for shifting purposes. Hence, it is just made intently for singlespeed bikes or the 5 to 9-speed compatible , for as long as there is no front shifting.  

So if you want to give your drivetrain some total revamping, you can count on Salsa chainrings.