pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rotor SX Road Bike Stem

rotor sx handlebar stem   Rotor SX Road Bike StemRotor, a company famous for their products such as cranks, non-circular chain rings and handle bar stems now introduces their latest addition to their product, the Rotor SX Handlebar Stem. This stem is somewhat identical to a previous stem they had before, only better.

They made two models on this handlebars, the S2 and the SX. The S2 is almost the same to the old Rotor S1 Stem, only  that the S2 has adopted the T25 Torx-Headed Dual Thread Technology which has clamping bolts in place and a 3mm Allen-head DTT bolts of the S1 thus making this new change way better.

The SX model however, was a pre-production sample before. The changes made is that the SX uses four bolts while the S2 uses 2. SX was also raised to a 2.5 degree instead of the 7.5 degree, it is much heavier than that of the regular handlebar by 5g and does not come in 130mm but in 70mm and 80mm lengths. Also the bar bulge is oversized to a 31.8mm.

The stem of this bar is made of 7075 aluminum alloy and with a hard-anodized black finish. It also comes in red and black for its face plate. The stem’s DTT bolts are made of stainless steel. The DTT bolts separate fine and coarse threads to apply a high clamping force without having the bolt head thus saving a considerable weight. The stem is 120mm in size and weighs at 119g making it small and light.