pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rock Shox Vivid Air

rockshox vivid air   Rock Shox Vivid AirThere will be an air-sprung version of the Rock Shox Vivid in the year 2011, called Vivid Air. This is a rough drop of 300g from the coil-over design that relies on a twin-tube solo air system mimicking the steel or titanium sprung feel of the its previous model which is much heavier.

The main idea of this design is to reduce the heat by means of dissipation with the added surface area involved thus making the operating temperatures below than 170 degrees on even the roughest and longest of trails or races.

Vivid and Vivid Air are two products that the Rock Shox and R&D crew had been working on for the past 2 years. The thermoplastic Hot Rod has been added to them so that the gate valve in the shock’s main port expands from heat conduction, making the ballasts viscosity of heated oil to decrease.

As the shock oil gets hot, the thin thermoplastic runs through the valves fast enough thus reducing both the rebounding and compression damping, making it consistent on both directions. The Vivid Air has no price at the moment since the availability is due for September this year.

Although Vivid Air has the same frame compatibility as that of Vivid, any new long-travel designs can be expected anytime. The Vivid Air is expected to be more expensive than Vivid, keeping the older version as an alternative, is always a good thing. Although, Vivid Air is expected to be out next year, its older brother, Vivid will always be available for the users and no ceasing of its production will be done.