pinit fg en rect gray 20   Reynolds Attack Clincher Wheelset

reynolds attack clincher wheelset   Reynolds Attack Clincher WheelsetIt was in March that Reynolds Attack first took its ride and since then, many remodeling has been done to create something even more better out of this wheel set. The new renovations on this include the deep rim’s combination of low weight and better air penetration which makes a good choice for both disciplines and much more impressive ride adding comfort to the rider during road racing.

Although the front wheel was knocked off a bit from the pedal which resulted to a slight wobble, it still works fine. The carbon-fiber is good since it has no yield point and doesn’t get bent out of shape, unlike the wheelsets that use aluminum or other ductile metals that can be stressed beyond its capacity and can assume a new shape.

But if there is damage on this case, the carbon rim is just waiting to spring back to its original form. You can straighten the spoke with a hammer and light drift. The spoke key is supplied to retention that it produces to the front wheel.

The Reynolds Attack has a nipple that is made of Nycloc-style inserted to keep it from loosening on the spoke. With this, it can easily turn the rim indicating that the insertion is the only maintain spoke tension making the rim to run and plays an important role is making the wheel run as well.