pinit fg en rect gray 20   Red Bull Stomping Ground in Chicago

red bull stomping ground in chicago 1 300x233   Red Bull Stomping Ground in ChicagoRiverwest Neighborhood, Chicago is the new site for the Red Bull Stomping Ground. The course will be designed by Fuzzy Hall as crews now begin to break ground at Elston and Augusta. The abandoned lot will become the dirt playground of BMX stars like Ryan Nyquist, Corey Bohan, Cam White and Anthony Napolitan.

Riders will be vying for the purse of $50,000. First place winner receives a $25,000 check. Expect the brightest BMX riders in the competition like Denis Enarson, Rob Darden and Cory “Nasty” Nastazio. Mike Aitken will be part of the judging team. Aitken was in a coma in 2008 but recovered. Lending a hand in the programme is Jamie Bestwick, BMX Vert legend and X Games gold medalist.

A qualifier round will take place on June 11. This will be free and open to the public. There will be only 5 spots available to qualify for Saturday’s final round. You can get tickets for Saturday’s event at The competition will begin from 4pm to 7pm on June 11 and 12 at Elston and Augusta.

“I expect this contest to be like no other contest I’ve ever been to before. Fuzzy Hall will hands-down build some of the sickest obstacles that we’ve never seen” said Napolitan. The new course will not be open for public use but the Dan’s Comp Rally Track welcomes anyone who wants to feel the flow of dirt jumps and tracks. It will be open for a week before the Red Bull Stomping Ground event begins.

1. Corey Bohan
2. Anthony Napolitan
3. Ryan Nyquist
4. TJ Ellis
5. Brandon Dosch
6. Rob Darden
7. Cam White
8. Luke Parslow
9. Dave Dillewaard
10. Ryan Guettler
11. Dennis Enarson
12. Mike “Hucker” Clark
13. Cory Nastazio
14. Kye Forte
15. Gary Young
16. Chris Doyle
17. Adam Baker
18. James Foster
19. Heath Pinter
20. Alejandro Caro

1. Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin
2. Brian Hunt
3. Chris Gerber
4. Zak Early
5. Scotty Cranmer
6. Colin Mackay
7. Josh Hult
8. KC Badger
9. Janusz Pietruczuk
10. Allan Cooke
11. TJ Lavin
12. Dane Searls
13. Josh Stead
14. Colton Satterfield
15. Ben Voyles
16. Alex Dropsy
17. Jaie Toohie
18. Ricky Mosley
19. Leo Forte
20. Allan Cooke
21. Drew Bezanson
22. Alistair Whitton
23. Panagiotis Manaras
24. Mark Mulville
25. Nate Berkheimer
26. Lance Mosley
27. Adam Aloise
28. Paul Kintner
29. Kym Grosser

red bull stomping ground in chicago 2   Red Bull Stomping Ground in Chicago
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