pinit fg en rect gray 20   Rabou Crowned King of the Mountains

rabou crowned king of the mountains 300x200   Rabou Crowned King of the MountainsAll the hard work Thomas Rabou (Team Type 1) gave for the Amgen Tour of California finally paid off as he was crowned King of the Mountains on Sunday. Rabou rode on his final breakaway of 134km circuit race. This had four laps of a 33km course and a 1,000 ft climb at the Mulholland Highway.

Riding with Rabou were Yaroslav Popovych (Team RadioShack), Sebastian Langeveld (Rabobank), George Hincapie (BMC Racing Team), Oscar Pujol Muñoz (Cervelo Test Team), Jeremy Vennell (Bissell) and Carlos Barredo (Quick Step).

Rabou was right on track with preliminary points he earned as he rode on the stage two breakaway. Teammate Davide Frattini solidified the lead in the stage three breakaway. During stage six, Rabou garnered top points during the final climb at Big Bear Lake. Rabou explained, “At the beginning of stage six I was second in the KOM jersey so I had to be in the break to earn points. My goal for stage six was to be in the break. It was a really hard stage from the beginning with the big hills and I was in the break with seven ProTour riders so I was really happy about that and really excited. I enjoyed every minute of being in the break for five hours. It was a really good day for me and Team Type 1.”

Rabou shared how one of the goals of Team Type 1 was to win the KOM jersey. He also added that he wanted to win the jersey for his mother, “One of the main goals with Team Type 1 was to win the KOM jersey and we did that. I think I can say that I completed my goals and I am very happy about it…My mother is recovering now from a cancer, Hodgkin’s…She will be fine. But I am really happy that I could get this KOM jersey and give it to my mother.”