pinit fg en rect gray 20   Prologo C.ONE30 Saddle

prologo c one30   Prologo C.ONE30 SaddleMost of the bikes we see are custom made and usually are big and bulky. But if you are looking for something to reshape the way your bike looks then get Prologo C.ONE30 saddle.

This was designed to shed off some weight on your bike. The ideal profile creates a platform  that is appropriate for narrow sir bones while still supporting the muscles on the hamstrings and gluteal area. This was constructed by using high modulus carbon shell or what is better known as HM a layer that increases strength.

To maximize its capacity strength the designer used 3 HM T700 carbon layers which are positioned with some fibers at 45 degrees in the outer layer and making 0 degrees for the internal layer of its shell. With its additional M30 carbon layer, the saddle is made stable having it resistant to torques.

The shell itself was designed not only to increase strength but as well as lowering the weight which allows the shell to vertically flex thus adding comfort to its rider. This saddle measures about 276 x 126 millimeters and weighs about 134 grams, light and easy. The C.ONE30 also has solid Titanium rails adding more durability to the product.