pinit fg en rect gray 20   Oakley Chrome BMX Arrays Sunglasses

oakley chrome bmx arrays   Oakley Chrome BMX Arrays SunglassesThis product was inspired by the decades of Oakley BMX frames back in the late 70′s and early 80′s. The latest design will surely, not only give you the ultimate rider look, but will definitely catch everyone else’s attention as well.

This new edition of Array is made of both a Jawbone and Radar frame. Each is paired with 3 matching lenses and an earsock to match the color of anodized parts back then which is also starting to come back as the latest fad.

In addition to this hip design, Oakley added the matte black color for the shade’s frame jaw to match those BMX tires nicely. The Oakley BMX Array comes in a custom Microclear storage bag which is also good for polishing the lenses and a case to store them in.

And when I said Array, it means this also comes with 3 lenses, one frame and multiple earsocks or nosepieces, bag and case which makes two styles of sunglasses in each limited edition of the Chrome BMX Array.

The first lens is called the Violet IRIDIUM which is a good protection for your eyes when the sun is bright and you need a better contrast and detail. The second lens is the Jade IRIDIUM which can help you maintain a wide range of light conditions. And the third lens called the +Red IRIDIUM is also good under bright skies.