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no budget for tour of missouri 300x105   No Budget for Tour of MissouriThe 2010 Tour of Missouri which was supposed to be scheduled on August 31 to September 5 was slated for cancellation due to inadequate funding of the project. The Missouri state tourism closed its annual budget but without the $1 million needed by the organizers Medalist Sports. This closes the door to the race unless a window opens and a major sponsor gives the deficit amount.

Medalist Sports even tried to raise the needed funds for the event and fans spearheaded a “Save the Tour of Missouri” campaign. Still, the $1.5 million budget gap was too much. Lieutenant governor Pete Kinder penned and open letter and urged fans to let their voices be heard so that Governor Jay Nixon might be able to do something to rectify the situation.

The Tour of Missouri, Inc. chairman Mike Weiss released a statement over the state’s decision on the budget for the event, “This may be a win for the Missouri Tourism Commission and the governor, but a huge loss for the state of Missouri and its citizens.” The Tour of Missouri was designated as a 2.HC race by the UCI.

Weiss gave his closing statement on the matter, “Unfortunately, it’s proven once these events are gone, they don’t come back.”