pinit fg en rect gray 20   Niner Jet 9 and Air 9

niner jet 9 and air 9   Niner Jet 9 and Air 9If you have a big bike that needs bigger accessories, then Niner’s Jet 9 and Air 9 are the products you might be looking for. Niner proudly introduces their new versions of the Jet 9 and Air 9.

This year’s Jet 9 is made with 80mm of travel, also gets a new tapered 1.5 inch headset that stiffens up the front end gears of your bike on its own but at the same time gives a bigger diameter of downtube, making the stiffness increase. The other improvements are the several 3D forged pieces that reduce the amount of welding, that at the same time, increases the stiffness of your bike too.

Meanwhile, the new version of Air 9 is now with a new magnesium head tube badge. This badge has two functions, one as a portal to the internal cable and two it houses the routing. Adding to Niner’s CYA bottom bracket, the Air 9 is added into its system and interchangeable dropouts to accommodate a geared set-up or a single speed set-up.

The single speed version however, is said to be 18lbs but was not entirely confirmed or approved. Air 9 should be available in the following months, so riders who are interested with this should keep their eyes open for this.