pinit fg en rect gray 20   New Doping Method in Cycling

new doping method in cycling 300x300   New Doping Method in CyclingA new kind of doping method has been circulating. Dubbed as “mechanized doping”, it was said to be that a hidden motor can be placed in the downtubes on pro bikes.

Davide Cassini, Italian TV commentator and former pro road cyclist shares that he has ridden a pro bike that weighed 10kg, rigged with an electric motor. The device was hidden in the frame at the crank.

Two weeks ago, Italian newspapers released a story that says some riders in the Giro have used bikes with electric motors to give them an advantage in the race. Later on, the riders changed to standard bikes to avoid getting caught.

The Gruber Assist motors which costs £1800 is a retrofit kit that won a Eurobike Award in 2007. Cassini claims that a pro team can afford to use the Gruber Assist item and somehow find a way to hide the battery pack on the pro bike.

Cassini said, “An agent sent me a message: if you want to try the rigged bicycle, I can help. He gave me the whereabouts of the designer, I contacted him and he gave me the bike.”

The former cyclist shared that the e-drive unit had no e-bike protusions and the power gained from the motorized pedal can significantly increase the speed. “Nothing stands out, The buttons which operate the motor are hidden under the rubber brake levers. It’s unbelievable. You push the button and this gets the bicycle up to speed, no need to pedal, just make it look as though you’re pedalling. You can ride at 50 kmh without forcing, without fatigue.”

The motor hardly produces any sound and is made to be used only when needed to give bursts of speed to its driver. Cassani imparted the information to newspaper L’Equipe. “That’s huge. It’s worse than doping! It’s a motorcycle in the peloton.”

For more details, a youtube video was uploaded showing Cassani with a rigged road bike.