pinit fg en rect gray 20   MRP Camber Cranks

mrp camber cranks   MRP Camber CranksIf you want something light, durable yet cheap then MRP Camber Cranks is the tool for you. The newest product from MRP gives you this cutting edge of new-school lightweight  downhill set of cranks. Forged in alloy together with their axle and bottom bracket, the weight is surprisingly just 88g. It surpasses the 150g benchmark of other products like the Shimano Saint, impressive to those who know how a real chain set is.

The camber weighs lesser because of the reduction of weight on the back of its arms, a hollow chromoly spindle plus the absence of the granny ring tabs. There is no problem when it comes to chain device compatibility too something that makes this product even great. With extensive materials out of the way, the cranks work perfect.

A series of tests were given only to find out that these is a pair of really stiff cranks that cannot be easily damaged. If you are a responsible rider and is careful enough to take care of your cranksets, the MRP Camber Cranks could actually last more than its actual use and can still provide you with a spinning that is ultra-smooth.