pinit fg en rect gray 20   Mark Cavendish Star Series Handlebar and Stem

mark cavendish star series handlebar and stem   Mark Cavendish Star Series Handlebar and StemThis new handlebar is expected to be out in the UK market by June this year. The Pro Vibe Sprint “Mark Cavendish Star Series” handlebar and stem who has been named after the fastest sprinter in the pro peloton will make its debut this summer just in time when people can relax and maybe cruise the country in their bikes using this handlebar and stem.

The stem is designed with the combination of CNC -machined aluminum front and top caps.  The stem body is a monocoque in unidirectional carbon fiber for the ultimate responsiveness and rigidity riders are looking for. The Pro Vibe 7s stem’s rigidity is twice to be than that of a regular Pro Vibe 7S stem. This stem weighs from 170 g but that depends on the size.

The stem is available in a 105mm, 120mm, and 135 mm lengths. The handle bar is made of an aluminum alloy in preference to the carbon fiber which is reinforced in the oversized top section of the bar with four times internal splines thus increasing rigidity at 9% comparing to the regular Pro Vibe 7S handlebar.

This handlebar comes in three sizes of widths, 40cm, 42 cm and 44 cm which is available in an anatomic bend. The weight of this handlebar will be from 295g depending on the size.