pinit fg en rect gray 20   Marco Pinotti Scott HTC Columbia Plasma 3

marco pinotti htc columbia plasma 3   Marco Pinotti Scott HTC Columbia Plasma 3

After introducing the Plasma 2 last year at the Giro d’Italia, Team HTC is again using this bike for this the same event with a few renovations on the last year’s bike. Formula 1 aerodynamacist Simon Smart, together with his team is making the changes on this year’s Plasma 3.

This year, the changes can be found on the much lower front end of this bike. Complete with a Missile Evo aero bar, the stem is directly in line with the top tube.  They also customized the bar with multiple mounting holes for the arm rests and extensions making it adjustable at the arm’s rest heights and three stem lengths.

Racer and four time Italian Nation time trial champion Marco Pinotti prefers his base bar  grips fairly low but extensions are a bit higher with narrow spaces as high as 19cm that is why this new renovation is made that way the elbow pads are leveled with forearms. The fork/stem extensions where designed to have the traditional hourglass shape head tube.

The seat cluster is set closely to the rear wheel and is widely spaced that leave more room for air. This helps the aerodynamics to relocate the rear brake to the bottom racket which includes press-fir bearing cups and tall junctures that helps provide a good pedaling outcome. The chains on this Plasma 3 are designed to have a unique shape. They look tall and narrow at the bottom bracket and closely following the sides of the rear wheel.

The saddle is from Fizik Ares TT. The HTC Columbia Plasma 3s are compatible with Shimano’s Dura-Ace Di2 electronic group which is easy access when it is time to recharge the Li-ion cells for the under saddle battery mount.