pinit fg en rect gray 20   Lightweight Standard III Tubular Wheelset

lightweight standard iii tubular wheelset   Lightweight Standard III Tubular WheelsetThe new Lightweight Standard III may be funky-looking, but it is actually very light which makes it better than the way it looks. It has been proven to be durable and easy on the road.

This wheel set is a handmade product of Germany. It has been designed on full-carbon construction and runs fibers straight via the lens-shaped carbon of spokes from rim to rim. The components of this wheel makes it stiff and very light as well thus making it easy for the rider to use.

It is said to be more accurate and more responsive compared to those of the regular wheels which has the same set of weight. The aerodynamics and speed are excellent which means that the shock absorption is good and does not make the user uncomfortable on when they encounter rough roads.

Various spoke options are available for those who are a bit heavy on the side ranging from 16/24, 20/20, 20/24. The lightest wheel comes in 16/20 good for those who are always on the road.