pinit fg en rect gray 20   KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear

khs flite 100   KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear

For the past few years, the US MTB brand KHS have been wandering and observing the industry trying to see what they could do to have a bike that’s better than the rest. And you know, their patience really paid off.

Introducing to the market, the KHS Flite 100 2010 Fixed Gear, a bike that’s so normal only a bit better than the ordinary at a not so pricey tag. The KHS Flite 100 is the newest invention with a Reynolds 520 double butted Chromoly frame, Wienmann Rims, a flip flop hub and stylish rack bars; this is one bike that can surely get attention.

This ordinary looking bike can surprise its user since it has a surprisingly low weight. Casting off the fixed set up and rear brake, this bike can weigh at 20lbs overall together with its pedals. Combining everything else with a 44/17 crank set, this bike is a good 68 gear inches that can take up speed quick.

Maneuvering the KHS 100 is very easy since it has a steep track style geometry and narrow curvy bars. It can also withstand road vibrations with its springy steel tubes and well- wrapped drops. It is also easy to ride with its comfortable KHS branded saddle which is comfortable to sit on. 

Although the brakes, hubs and crankset are not branded, the totality and quality of this bike surprisingly resulted to a smooth ride with a few and minimal tinkering to be done. The frame comes in black or gold. IF you want to something affordable yet performs more than its price then the KHS 100 is surely recommended.