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kenda cup 5 cancelled 300x300   Kenda Cup 5 CancelledIt is unbelievable but true that the cause of the cancellation of the Kenda Cup 5 this month is heavy snowfall. The highly anticipated race to be held at Big Bear, California on May 15-16 was a no-go due to some trail damage, closures and snow.

The organizers did their best to clear up the snow, working side by side with the U.S. Forest Service. The plan was to move the race to another day however; the weather forced the race to be cancelled instead.

Although the round was cancelled the rest of the series will push through. The next Kenda Cup West Series will take place at Ellings Park, Santa Barbara, California. This will be on June 6 and will be round 5 of the series, taking over the Big Bear event.

Round 6 for the Series will be held at the Big Bear Shootout 2 on June 19-20. The Kenda Cup West Series rankings stay best five out of six races to win the series title.

For the California State Series, the Ellings Park on June 6 will be the next round. The final stage will be at the Big Bear Shootout 3 on July 18.