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Joe Parkins Come Gone 200x300   Joe Parkins Come & Gone BookJoe Parkin releases a sequel to his book “A Dog in a Hat”. Titled “Come & Gone”, the book is about Parkin’s journey back to America and how he struggled to get by in the cycling scene.

The book features the life of an average cyclist who had his share of good rides out of a thousand races. It also documents the times when he had to look for sponsors and financial assistance each year, just so he can pursue his love for cycling.

“Come & Gone” lets you peek into the world of competitive cycling in the 90’s. Although the majority of the races Parkin mentioned in his book are no longer around. He also mentioned who the top cyclists in the 90’s were, his teammates and even his rivals.

Parkin successfully illustrated the true feelings of every cyclist before, during and after a race. A must-read after Parkin’s “A Dog in a Hat”, you can own a copy of “Come & Gone” at a retail price of $14.93.