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ironman lanzarote results 300x119   Ironman Lanzarote resultsEneko Llanos of Spain and Scotland’s Catriona Morrison took out a tough field to win the 2010 Ironman Lanzarote titles. Llanos led in front of the pack throughout the race for the win. Morrison came back hard after a bike mechanical malfunction, also to take the win.

Llanos was out of the water after Gerrit Schellens of Belgium. Maik Twelseik of Germany rushed out on the bike on the mountainous course and took the lead. With a ten minute edge over defending champion Bert Jammer of Belgium, Llanos and Britain’s Philip Graves, he was on the run for the home stretch. At this instance, Graves quit the race and it was a three man battle for the title. Twelsiek’s assault was not good enough. He ran out of steam and was run down by Jammer and Llanos. Both Llanos and Jammer were in contention right to the final miles. Llanos had the sustaining power over Jammer and took the tape at 8:37:43. Coming in second at 8:39:36 was Jammer. Twelsiek kept the third at 8:42:53 time finished.

Morrison is of a duathlon product and was considered a weak swimmer. She was out of the water with a remarkable 52:38 time and headed to bike right behind American Hilary Biscay and Belinda Granger of Australia. She made her move and took the lead of the front pack making a five minute lead in the first leg of the bike race. It was rather short-lived when she was pushed to the side of the road. By passed by a broken chain of bikers, Morrison was on the sidelines and Tara Norton of Canada took the lead and broke away from the pack. Norton had a ten minute lead over the second position. Still finishing up the bike run, Morrison was off of the leader board while the rest of the women are heading onto the run course. Despite of the wide gap, Morrison inched her way to ran down each woman ahead of her. No one realized she was in contention until the final remaining miles. Morrison took the win at 10:03:52. She also clocked 3:04:36 marathon run, the fastest of the women. In second was the 25-29 age grouper Louise Collins of England, with the second fastest time for the women at 10:05:21. Nkicole Woysch of Germany was third.

Ironman Lanzarote
Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain – May 22, 2010
2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike, 26.2-mile run

1. Eneko Llanos (ESP) 8:37:43
2. Bert Jammaer (BEL) 8:39:36
3. Maik Twelsiek (GER) 8:42:53
4. Gerrit Schellens (BEL) 8:56:59
5. Tuukka Miettinen (FIN) 8:57:17

1. Catriona Morrison (SCO) 10:03:53
2. Louise Collins (GBR) 10:05:21
3. Nicole Woysch (GER) 10:11:18
4. Bella Bayliss (GBR) 10:16:47
5. Tara Norton (CAN) 10:17:37