pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire

hutchinson atom clincher   Hutchinson Atom Clincher TireThere’s been a new change in the Hutchinson Atom Clincher Tire who first came out in the market in Road Tubeless guise. They have launched it in a conventional TT or the tube type format which can be easily accessed in the market.

The new changes of this product is the shape of it’s bead-cross section. Thus it now looks like every other TT clincher but with carbon fiber beads instead of the Kevlar fibers that were used in making tires. Less elastic, this carbon bead is much more lighter than the old Kevlar fiber making it secure when it is fitted.

Also, a few changes includes the taking off of the airtight butyl rubber on the inside of the Road Tubeless version thus taking off a 75g weight on the tire itself.

The Atom Comp which is now 195g is good for a 23c tire using a thick thread, the tire uses a tread compound developed by the Hutchinson’s industry-leading rubber compounding technology and which contains a reinforcing thermoplastic material making this a great puncture resistant tire for the Atom.