pinit fg en rect gray 20   Hushovd in Recovery After Surgery

hushovd in recovery after surgery 300x225   Hushovd in Recovery After SurgeryOn Monday, the Norwegian sprinter and defending Tour de France green jersey champion, Thor Hushovd went under surgery after he broke his collarbone on Sunday’s training ride in Italy.

“The surgery went pretty well. It was more complicated than actually expected,” declared the 32 year old Hushovd and was in a bit of pain but considerably having a good day. He added, “Yesterday I flew home, and I’m happy to be back home now in Monaco, to start the recovery process and spend some time with my family.”

Hushovd could be back in the saddle in time for the Tour de France in July, however Cervelo Test Team officials have not yet determined the exact date when he can return to compete.

As far as the Team officials are concerned, Hushovd is taking it one day at a time until he is back in his best shape. Andreas Goesele, Cervelo’s team doctor said, “It will take time for Thor to fully recover. It was a difficult fracture but he had a good surgery at the CrossKlinik in Basel (SUI).”

The team doctor expressed his confidence, “I am very pleased that he could have the operation here, where we have perfect surroundings and the best staff. The recovery phase will start today with some indoor training at Thor’s home in Monaco.”

Via Velo News