pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gusset Staff Stem

gusset staff stem   Gusset Staff StemWhile long top tubes for mountain bikes are selling fast in the market, there are a few companies who sold short top tubes like hot pancakes as well. The Gusset Staff is one of those product considered as a top seller with a 50mm, 60mm, 80mm and 90 mm versions sold in the market.

The Gusset staff stem 80mm model only weighs 152g good for tough roads since it isn’t that heavy to lift and was cold-forged from a 6061 aluminum with a 5 degree rise or drop with its flip-flop design. Cold forging are good for improving the quality of it’s strength. This fork is designed to be durable and easy on the budget.

Along with its feature this staff is packed with stainless steel bolts , a spare white cap plate and two sets of optional bars are also added. This can be used without using any tools.

The stem can take an oversize 31.8mm bar and can run 25.4 mm or 26.0mm with an easy-to-install shims which can allow you to run for a week or two, handy enough for those who have odd bar diameters.