pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gore Race Power Overshoe

gore race power overshoe   Gore Race Power OvershoeAside from being comfortable on the body, it is important to achieve comfort and warmth on your feet with Gore Race Power Overshoe while biking.  This overshoe has a technology that makes it possible for your feet to stay warm without compromising the comfort that you want. 

The good thing about Gore Race Power Overshoe is that it has their patented Gore-Tex performance shell technology.  This assures that they will have a breathable fabric while fully protecting their feet whether from wind or other weather conditions.  This waterproof and windproof overshoe serves as a protective shell that will keep the biker from the uncomfortable feeling of soaking their feet with water and still stay warm so they can continue riding them. 

It has a Velcro fastening that is adjustable for the size of the feet so the user will be fully comfortable with it.  This overshoe incorporates materials on the sole that are resistant to any abrasions to avoid damages. As you know it, feet are the most abused body part when it comes to cycling so it is possible that regular socks or overshoe can be damaged in a very bad way.

So how to know if you have an authentic Gore Race Power Overshoe?  You will know this if the overshoe can fit both right and left foot.  At the same time, the logo is made of reflective material as another sign of getting authentic overshoe made only by Gore.  You can get them online and get the best comfort and protection for your feet.