pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro dItalia with Tighter Anti Doping Noose

giro ditalia with tighter anti doping noose 300x212   Giro dItalia with Tighter Anti Doping NooseOrganizers for the Giro d’Italia declares that anti-doping controls for this year’s race will be the most intensive in cycling history. With a series of doping scandals on Italian shores, Angelo Zomegnan, race director, takes the stand to bring back the glory of the Giro as well as to ensure the health of riders are top priority.

Last year’s two top finishers, Danilo Di Luca and Franco Pellizotti were charged in connection with doping cases. Zomegnan shares that the number of anti-doping tests will number more than the 481 tests processed last year.

Independent international observers will be eyeing the conduction of all tests. The Giro is depending on Europe’s WADA certified laboratories, those in Rome, Lausanne, Switzerland, Cologne, Germany and the French national lab at Chatenay-Malabry due to the alarming number of tests.

All teams participating are required to submit samples of 15 riders prior to Saturday’s kick off in line with UCI’s biological passport program where data on file are available subject to comparison and evaluation.