pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet

giro advantage 2 bike helmet   Giro Advantage 2 Bike HelmetIf you own a two-wheel land vehicle, most probably, you own a helmet. A helmet is intended to be worn when you are on the road riding a motorcycle or a bicycle so as to protect you from impacts to the skull in case you fall, thereby minimizing the dangers that might result. But when you do casual biking, do you think you still need to wear one? Absolutely, yes. If you find it an uninteresting stuff, find a helmet that makes you feel that you are not wearing a helmet at all like Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet.

Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet is one of the images of power and performance as it is known for its aerodynamic performance, fit and ventilation. Using the In-mold technology that bonds the helmet’s tough outer micro shell to the impact-absorbing expanded polystyrene liner, this makes it possible to create a light, cool and strong helmet. In addition, to ensure maximum comfort and ventilation, Wind Tunnel™ ventilation combines active vents with internal exhaust channels that thrust cool, fresh air over and around the head, while forcing heat and stale air out. Another feature of this reliable helmet is the Roc Loc 4™ which provides full adjustment of the fit tension and the helmet’s vertical position, for a truly personalized fit. 

Because of the amazing characteristic of Giro Advantage 2 Bike Helmet, most cyclists would prefer this from other brands. The Giro proprietary fit system results in a helmet that fits 98% of the population, yet looks as if it was made just for you.