pinit fg en rect gray 20   Giordana FR C Seamless Arm Warmer

giordana fr c seamless arm warmer   Giordana FR C Seamless Arm WarmerThe new arm warmer just got better from Giordana. This arm warmer is not really exactly “seamless” even though they are called seamless arm warmers. But instead, there is still a flat-locked stitch running the entire length which is surprisingly comfortable to wear that is why it is a good choice of arm warmer for riders seeking a cool looking racer-type look and fit.

The Dryarn fabric that they used in making this material can absorb moisture easy but when it comes to insulation, it is not as good compared to others which are made from a much heavier weight fleece-backed arm warmers. Instead the Giordana Seamless arm warmer is lighter and much cooler and can keep you warm on chilly morning rides.

Though thin and light, this arm warmer can still protect you from freezing road spray, cold air and is breathability extends its comfort range. The “seamless” part of this warmer is both on the inside and outside part of the elbow. They both have different fabric densities unlike in the other part and sections of this arm warmer.

They are more tightly knit which results to a highly elastic and an almost “skin-like” feel than a regular arm warmer that why it is called seamless. The best part of the Giordana FR-C Seamless arm warmer is that they don’t roll off your sleeve even if they are used over and over again, and unlike the regular arm warmers, they stay fitted all throughout.