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gatorade free flow tour first round 300x173   Gatorade Free Flow Tour First RoundJosh Lane (BMX Park) came out as a finalist at Rye Airfield in Rye, N.H., during the Gatorade Free Flow Tour. Lane avails of an automatic bid into the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals that will be held on September 16-19, 2010 during the Dew Tour’s Toyota Challenge at the Energy Solutions arena in Salt Lake City.

The seventeen-year-old from Portsmouth, N.H. gained the BMX park victory at the Rye Airfield, showcased his unique style across the entire park. Lane awed the judges and the crowd alike. At the final stunt jam, Lane initiated a jump landing to mimic superman as he whipped the big box backwards.

Hailing from Massachusetts, Matt Ray was in second place while Brett Silva took the third. “This contest was amazing,” said Lane, “I’m gonna train non-stop so I can win the finals.”

Rye Airfield manager Beau Lambert was so excited with the outcome, “As always, the Gatorade Free Flow tour killed it with killer prizes, the best trophies ever, and a nail biting competition that went down to the wire,” he further said, “We’re so psyched to be part of it for our fifth time. See ya at the finals in SLC.”

Gatorade Free Flow Tour – Rye Airfield BMX Park Results (top 5) Saturday, May 22, 2010 Rye, N.H.
1. Josh Lane, Portsmouth, N.H.
2. Matt Ray, Woburn, Mass.
3. Brett Silva, Sandwich, Mass.
4. Seth Beaton, Templeton, Mass.
5. Dave Cjaza, Manchester, N.H.