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garmin edge 705 gps   Garmin Edge 705 GPSCycling makes traveling more adventurous especially when you go for long rides. It allows you to see new places and breathe fresher air. However when you ride long there are times that you might get lost especially during MTB crossroad race where you have to pass several stations. Yet you should putĀ  your worries aside if you have Garmin Edge 705 GPS w/ Heart Rate/Cadence/Data Card & Street Maps.

With heart rate, cadence, turn-by-turn directions and power data, the Garmin Edge 705 GPS-enabled cycle computer knows no limits!

With built-in basemap, Garmin Edge 705 will guide you to your destination while the microSD card slot lets you add maps and store workouts, courses and saved rides. TheĀ  Plug in the detailed MapSource City Navigator street maps on a preloaded data card and get turn-by-turn directions on a sunlight-readable, color display as you pedal (add optional topographic mapping for your off-road adventures).

There is fun in using this gadget as you can share your data with other Edge 705 buddies after your ride – now you can prove that 20 mile uphill climb with a 2,000 ft. elevation gain!

Garmin Edge 705 GPS automatically measures your speed, cadence, heart rate, distance, time, calories burned, altitude, climb, descent and records this data for your review. Another feature is the barometric altimeter which pinpoints changes in elevation. The high-sensitivity receiver will hold a signal under trees and near tall buildings.

Works with third-party ANT + Sport-enabled power meters to display your power output in watts as you ride, so you can train smarter.

Store and analyze your workout Garmin Edge 705 GPS w/ Heart Rate/Cadence/Data Card & Street Maps and be a better cyclist.