pinit fg en rect gray 20   Elite Sior Bottle Cage

elite sior bottle cage   Elite Sior Bottle CageEvery bike should have an accessory that is of good use. It is a must to check the practicality of every accessory you put into your bike. With this being said, the Elite Sior bottle cage fits the practicality of an accessory you need for your bike.

Elite, a company known for manufacturing almost everything when it comes to bike parts and accessories, now gives you their newest product for your bike, the new Sior bottle cage. Now, this bottle cage only weighs 28g or so which is very light to even add weight to your bike.

The Sior is the product of combined materials made of carbon and titanium. This was done in search for the ultimate strength and lightness of a bottle cage. There are two lateral wings on this item. The first wing helps grip the water bottler while the second frontal arch helps prevent your water bottle from accidentally dropping or falling out during falls or bumps or in any kind of road condition a biker takes.

This was designed purely to allow easy insertion and extraction of your water bottle whenever and wherever you are on the road thus making it practical and yet maintains the classy look you want for your bike accessories.