pinit fg en rect gray 20   Easton Haven Wheelset

easton haven wheelset1   Easton Haven WheelsetIf you want a strong and light yet superb performance, the Easton Haven wheelset is the one that could fit what you are looking for. The Haven is laced with straight-pull spokes which can be replaced right away if one breaks. The threads are tensioned with a nipple system into the eyelet. Spoke threads on the nipple but its adjustment is found via a conventional spoke key.

The 24 spokes has a three-cross pattern into the 21mm width and 22mm deep section rims. The Haven uses a sealed rim bed, it is a fully UST tubeless compatible.  As standard it comes with a Presta valve, you can also use that according to your preferences.  Haven has the same champagne finish as the rims.

The freehub body is made from aluminum and is easily removed when the 5mm caps on each end of the axle is lossened. When cleaning this freehub, the anodized blue aluminum is then revealed.  The wheels of this set are exceptionally and evenly tensioned. They look great since they are straight and aligned very well.

There are no problems with the tubeless tires too. All you have to have is a CO2 cartridges or compressors to solve any problem is there is such to occur. The 1,605g wheels is light enough to run fast and they are rigid enough without lacking the feel. They can hold up to the mud and rocks and grime without much problem. For a 23psi tire, the Easton Haven Wheelset isn’t so bad after all.