pinit fg en rect gray 20   Deluxe Super Light Seat Integrated Seatpost

deluxe super light seat integrated seatpost   Deluxe Super Light Seat Integrated Seatpost

Not all seat posts were created to be comfortable. They might look comfy enough but it’s always different once you used it. The Kevlar seat posts however, can give the exact comfort that you need. This seat is created to be padded on the upper part, giving you that comfortable cushion even as you ride hard all day.

The saddle is made of a material called polypropylene with an aluminum post. The Kevlar seat is made to be very simple, yet light and tough but all together comfortable. To add something different this time, the new Deluxe seat and post is a combination of the aluminum post that permanently secures into the seat base thus making it immovable.

The upper part of the Kevlar seat is made to be both light and durable that way the overall weight is exceptionally light with a total weight of 219g or 7.7oz. The seat post’s length is a good 150mm and a post OD of 25.4mm plus the saddle shape that assures you comfort, this surely is one of the best.

The Kevlar seat post comes in black color but with an embroidered logo of the brand’s name. Logos come in white, blue and red stitching.