pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate Monitor

cat eye v3 cyclocomputerheart rate monitor   Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate MonitorIf you are a cycling enthusiast and you take training seriously, it is very crucial that you monitor your progress each time that you go for training. Yet you should not lose hope when you have no buddy to help you with the training as technology has brought several advantages where you can benefit with like the use of a monitoring gadget like Cat Eye V3 Cyclocomputer Heart Rate Monitor.

Cat Eye has the well-designed, powerful and reliable training partner you can ride with uses the latest 2.4GHz digital data transmission to track your speed, cadence, heart rate and time data.

Among its amazing gadget specifications are:

  • Cycling/Heart Rate Functions: current/average/maximum speed, cadence and heart rate, calorie consumption, countdown distance, timer, lap time/distance/average speed/number (14 files, 99 lap recording), distance, programmable odometer, total time, 12/24 hour clock and date.
  • 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission provides dependable, interference-free data transmission of speed/cadence/heart rate and reduces all crosstalk.
  • Patent pending sensor unit blend speed and cadence sensors into one sleek and reliable piece that easily adjusts to most bikes
  • File data review lets you go return and analyze your training progress.
  • Automatic start/stop modes (with manual option) and second bike recognition make training a cinch
  • Pace arrow lets you know if you’re riding above or below your average speed and heart rate.
  • Large, 3-line, 4-readout monitor with EL backlight and user-friendly buttons
  • Cat Eye’s Flex-Tight bracket mounts to a stem or handlebar quickly, securely and tool-free

Also this gadget fits most handlebars or stems: 21-31.8mm; Fits most forks: 11-55mm.