pinit fg en rect gray 20   Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E Bikes

cannondale partners with bosch for e bike 300x83   Cannondale Partners with Bosch for E BikesVenturing into the bike enterprise is the automotive giant Bosch with their first ever, new electronic drive system e-bike. It will be spec’d by Cannondale. Bob Burbank, general manager of Cannodale said that it will be marketed firstly in Europe. It will be showcased as a high-end Cannondale bike at Eurobike on its debut.

Both companies have collaborated on its engineering and design for more than a year and came out with an advanced performance and technology driven e-bike system that promises to be unique from anything else in the market. Cannondale and Bosch partnership is not exclusive. Bosch is looking to selling its drive system to other makers of e-bike.

Burbank declared, “We didn’t want a me-too product or slap on a current system, ‘Hey Cannondale’s got an e-bike.’ We wanted to work with a partner to make a system that would stand out.”

Rainer Jeske, head of Bosch Powertrain Systems, however said, “We are an ideal supplier for bicycle manufacturers because Bosch stands for innovation and its key competence areas in the automotive industry, like the electronic control techniques.”

The drive system has a unit sensor, battery pack and charger and the computer control system.

Reutlingen, Germany is chosen to be the headquarters of the new Bosch e-bike product group.