pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager RXL All Weather Plus Tires

bontrager rxl all weather plus   Bontrager RXL All Weather Plus TiresSome tires would say that they have the best tires for “all weather”. Actually, that does not mean that the tires they made are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions like dry or stormy seasons. Saying the tire is “all-weather” actually means that the tire can grip any surfaces. All-weather surfaces can be slippery roads or rocky terrains. Thus the “all-weather” tire is made to surpass these kinds of road conditions. 

The Bontrager RXL is the kind of tire that we call the “all-weather” tire; one that can get the job done. At first look, this tire looks ordinary. The depth of the tire’s tread is slightly deceptive and the center band is as thick as a regular medium clincher. This way the tire rolls good with a supple ride quality that belies the purpose. 

Its compound appears well mixed that provides a resistance to cuts and penetrations and also an excellent grip. The carcass construction is a triple layer combination which is good and helps keep flats at bay. The absence of cuts also indicates the good quality of rubber used. 

That is why this tires is the tire for all weather, it is simple yet gets the job done and the satisfaction that the rider needs.