pinit fg en rect gray 20   Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights

blackburn flea usb and solar lights   Blackburn Flea USB and Solar LightsIt is true what they say that big things come in small packages, and that is what Blackburn Flea USB and Solar Lights is all about. Imagine something small but can give off light double its size? You probably can’t believe that this 19g package could give you more light than you think it could.

The Blackburn uses four-LED arrays but this is not used for proper lighting system; rather, they are built as an emergency light for commuting or training rides. The front light is said to be a 40-lumen maximum output which is bright enough to give you light in front of you as long as there isn’t much light around and if you are going on a slow speed. When in traffic, both the front and back lights are visible and effective specially its flashing mode.

The lights are attached to a wide variety of bar, helmets and posts through a silicone-backed Velcro straps. The rear light uses a stout metal clip which is convenient for attaching this light to jersey pockets, bags, jackets etc. This is so secure that you will sometimes have a hard time attaching it but at least you know for sure that when you do get it attached, it won’t fall off that easy even if there is too much movement.

The light life of the front light can last up 3-5 hours while the rear lights can run up to 6-10 hours the maximum. Recharging this easy with the use of the USB+Solar, you can plug it in your laptop or desktop as well as the solar charger if you are using it in the field. Charging time is a good 2 hours but the solar panel can run up to 7 hours in charging.