pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bike Lanes go Green in San Francisco

Bike lanes go green in San Francisco 300x225   Bike Lanes go Green in San FranciscoThe San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) added green paint on the bicycle only lanes on Market Street from Gough Street eastbound. The new lanes are in line with SFMTA’s Sustainable Streets division. With a go-signal from Caltrans and the Federal Highway Administration, different pavement colors are allowed to be tried on the bike lanes to make it easier to distinguish the bicycle-only area. This applies also to Calm the Safety Zones and other areas in the city.

Deputy Director for Sustainable Streets Timothy Papandreou explains that the bicycle injunction was partially lifted to allow work on the new lanes. “It’s our first step and we’re really excited about it…It may attract more people to cycling so it will help us meet our sustainability goals”

The new changes also included numerous sharrows, bike racks and a bike box like the one on Scott Street at Oak Street. Installation of an on-street bike parking is also in the works.

Neal Patel of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition was happy to find the city moving towards safety for cyclists. “Coupled with the physically separated bike lanes I think these green painted lanes are really defining the bike space on the street and benefitting all road users by creating greater safety for those on bikes.”

Patel further adds that although no data supports that green promotes better safety, the effect still makes an impact that the space was dedicated for bicycles only.”We are very excited this is coming just days before bike to work Day. We know lots of people are riding into work either the first time or they are pretty new on Bike to Work Day. I think it sends a great message to all the people who are thinking about bicycling that it’s getting safer.”

Via SF.Streetsblog.Org