pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bennett Chooses USA for the London Olympics

bennett chooses usa for the london olympics 300x300   Bennett Chooses USA for the London OlympicsTriathlon Australia freed Greg Bennett from obligations to compete for Australia. The triathlete Bennett based in Boulder, Colorado is an Australian with an American wife. He has both a US and Australian citizenship. In a statement by Bennett, “Laura and I have built our careers together for the past 11 years, leaning on each other constantly for support in coaching and mentoring.” He added, “…I cannot do this as well as I would like unless I can be fully part of her team.” Bennett is looking forward to be joining her in her final Olympic journey.

He aims to give total support to Laura’s dream in making it to the US Olympic team at the 2010 London Olympics. It is uncertain however, if Bennett intends to try out for the US Olympic team as he, still is undergoing training for the races.

USA Today revealed:
“Bennett has competed in more than 80 World Cup events, with 26 podium finishes for six wins and two world series titles. He finished fourth in 2004 at Athens, the best result by an Australian male triathletes at an Olympic Games.”