pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bell Vert Multi Sport Helmet

bell vert multi sport helmet   Bell Vert Multi Sport HelmetHelmets have been designed to protect you while on the road. It has been designed so as to attenuate the impacts to the skull of the cyclist in cases of falls. This therefore minimizes the possible impact or side effects such as interference to the skull of the cyclist. To ensure your safety on the road, it is best to wear helmet all the times. On option that you can take is using the Bell Vert Multi Sport Helmet.
The Bell Vert Bike helmet has the other shell made of high impact resistant ABS plastic. The ABS plastic resists scuffing and the inside is made of EPS foam. It is stylishly designed with sculpted lines in the shell. Also to make it cooler or more comfortable to the wearer, it has 11 vents for ventilation.
When you purchase this helmet it already includes sizing pads so as to ensure perfect fit. The sizes range from Small-Medium (20.75-22.50″) and Medium-Large (22-23.5″) Weight 15.7 oz.
Another feature of this item is it is durable and best for cold weather riding. You can also use it for skating or boarding. For causal or recreational use, this does not impede you to look quickly or turn your head while on the road.
Cheap, good and very comfortable, you do not have to worry about your road protection when cycling. Bell Vert Multi Sport Helmet is simple, casual and affordable. Make it on top of your cycling gear must-haves list and wear helmet when cycling at all times.