pinit fg en rect gray 20   Atherton Wins Maribor

atherton wins maribor   Atherton Wins Maribor

Sabrina Jonnier lost by ten seconds to Rachel Atherton in the mud at Maribor World Cup. Atherton broke a finger in a training accident nearly failed to qualify for this race. Another incident at the finish line hurting her already tender right hand after a massive slam over almost aborted the weekend’s races. On the final day however, Rachel in a “Chausson style” pulled off an upset win of ten seconds over Sabrina Jonnier.

After waiting a long while to get back to her winning form, this was a big win for Atherton. Sabrina, looking strong was stung by the young Commencal rider.

Myriam Nicole, the fastest qualifier smashed off her rear mech while negotiating around the rock garden yet still kept her place in the podium and Tracey Moseley only made it on the 8th spot. Pugin cruising through the speed trap settled for the bronze and Petra Bernhard took the 5th spot at the podium.

In her first outing ever to the World Cup, Junior Manon Carpenter took the 14th place and earned an invaluable WC experience through the race.

Fans and spectators alike are now focused on Jonnier and Moseley competing toe to toe for the second round at Fort William.