pinit fg en rect gray 20   American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular Wheels

American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular Wheels 300x200   American Classic Carbon 38 Tubular WheelsAmerican Classic comes out with the Carbon 38 Tubular wheels for road and triathlon. With a goal to keep the wheels light but strong, American Classic built it with carbon 38mm tubular rims. The v profile in the middle of the rims are to get more aerodynamic advantage when doing jumps, sharp climbs and sprints. It is also stiff and dependable for crosswinds and brakes.

Proven to be an asset during crits and time trials, the Carbon 38 Tubular has AC Bladed Spokes and AC Aluminum silver nipples. A pair weighs 1242 grams with the front weighing 512 grams and the rear 730 grams. The front hubs are Micro 58 100mm and RD 205 130mm for the rear. Powertap hub is optional.

Rear spline may be Shimano/SRAM 9/10 or Campagnolo 9/10/11 cassettes. Ideal with Carbon specific brake pads, extras which you may add include ceramic bearings, Titanium QR’s, wheel bags and Sapim CX Ray Spokes.

SRP is $1650.