pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Steel O Flex Cable Lock

abus steel o flex cable lock   Abus Steel O Flex Cable LockBikes can be of great worth these days too that you must have the right tools to secure and protect it from possible theft. The Abus Steel-o-Flex Cable lock is the perfect tool to help you out in preventing instances of getting your ride stolen. 

The Abus Steel-o-Flex Cable lock is made up of 80cm coil and known in the market to be the strongest lock in its series of locks. It has always been a favorite lock of many especially in areas where crime rate is very high. Each part of the cable lock is securely hardened to make it very resistant to all kinds of possible physical attack. 

Considering that it is made out of very hard material, it is also still very flexible since you can wrap it around your bike’s frames with such ease and convenience. You can also bring it along with you anywhere you may go just by putting it in your bag or carrying it in your rack.  

It creates a sense of double security due to the jacket made out of steel that is overlapping. You can also be sure that it won’t damage your bike’s paintwork since it has very strong sheathing made out of PVC. If you worry about thefts that seem to be experts enough by using drills or just forcefully pulling the locks, the Abus has a cylinder lock that locks automatically.