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42x12 the cult of fixed photobook 267x300   42x12: The Cult of Fixed photobook42×12: The Cult of Fixed is a photobook which features around 200 images on fixed gear bicycles and the lifestyle it promotes. Published by Gingko Press, the book heralds the joy of having a “fixie”. The title is a gear ratio but do not be deceived by it since the photo book is far from a manual on fixed gear equipment. Instead, it showcases pictures taken from life of men and women who are passionate about fixed gear and single-speed culture. This includes risks they take where even their life and limbs are at stake.

The book will take you to the streets of Taiwan, New York, Tokyo and London where the hottest scenes for fixed gear are highlighted. The different images aim to make you see the world of fixed gear which involves messenger and alley cat racing indoor and keirin racing, The Tweed Run, eyeballs out at 150 Revolutions per minute and so much more.

42×12: The Cult of Fixed has 192 pages with a hardcover. Retail price is $29.95.