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keeping it steady with zipp slc2 handlebars   Zipp SLC2 HandlebarsIt has always a common thing in cycling for riders to customize their own bikes. For some, this decision can really cost you some money but for some, this could be the secret for their ameliorated performance. With this, one of the most important parts they first focus on would be the handlebars. Have you heard of the newest handlebar from Zipp?  

It was in 2009 when the brand launched three new bike handlebars. But it was just recently that they launched the SLC2 which is a more packed version of the SL, which is known to be superlite amongst the three designs. These Zipp SLC2 Handlebars have a top section that is oversized and has a structure made out carbon laminate to meet and exceed the requirement of every tough rider. 

These handlebars are made intentionally to be extremely stiff. It also has a feature VCLC technology which works as road shock absorbers to render the cyclist a very smooth ride. It is composed of three bends namely the shallow, traditional and the ergo.  

It has a total weight of 190 grams and to install won’t really be hard. The performance of the bar can really help the cyclist even in the toughest parts of the ride. However, it can really be quite costly due to its very stiff feature. These bars will surely become an all time favorite of any hard rider and its combination of its traditional bend and extreme stiffness would remain unbeatable and incomparable by others.