pinit fg en rect gray 20   Vredestein Fortezza Superlite Tires

ride light with vredestein fortezza superlite 300x300   Vredestein Fortezza Superlite TiresAre you in search of brand new tires that would help you win the next time trial competition you are about to participate in? Then, it is best to get your hands on the Fortezza Superlite tires. Its total weight is just about under 200 grams and can keep up with high rolling tire performance.

To pick up a considerable amount of speed is important in the life of every cyclist. Tires from Fortezza have always been known for having the CCS Curve Control System that is responsible for keeping the shape of the tires consistently performing well with the right grip and feel.

If you want to ride on tires that would really last long and resist any kind of ground, then you must settle for this brand. These Fortezza SLs are way softer and is the version of a single compound of the most famous Fortezza Tricomp tires.

The only similarity it has is its double overlapping casing that assures a very smooth ride. These SLs utilize a 120tpi casing and a recommended pressure for inflation of about 145psi. However, these tires come only in black color and in 700 x 23c.

So what are you waiting for? For just a worthwhile price of $55, you can already enjoy a ride that would surely make you feel like your flying with the speed that your tires can give you. Nothing can be sexier or lighter than these Vredestein Fortezza SL tires. So visit their site now and place your orders right away.