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vholdr digital camera   VholdR Digital Camera

Many people would like to record their biking terrain and find VholdR digital camera a very useful accessory. This will help them document the road on a perspective of the biker itself.

The good thing about this camera is that it can help you record while biking. This is because you can easily install this on rails without even using a cable to install them unlike other cycling cameras. You can just leave it on that position and it will stay there because of its proper fitting. And even if it will stick in place, you need not to worry about camera angles as it has rotating lens that will enable you to move. If you don’t like to place it on your bike rails or handles, it also has an included helmet mount so you can record at a proper eye level and make your video more memorable.

You also don’t have to worry about any shock or vibration because of the bike movements as VholdR digital camera is made to resist shocks as well as water. In this way, you are assured that your camera will not be damaged especially if you are enjoying your ride.

You will be able to record videos and save it to mpeg-4 file format. And you can save large files because it has an included 1 GB microSD card. If you think that this memory space is not enough, you can expand it to up to 2 GB and record that memorable terrain as a memorabilia.


Proprietary application mounts on rails for as secure fit
Includes a universal rotating flat surface mount
Water resistant, anti-vibration external design
180 degree rotating lens
Connects to any application
Onetouch recording
Includes 1GB microSD card and a USB cable for transferring your video to computer and charging the camera
All weather design
Spare batteries, chargers and helmet mount are also available
Supports microSD cards up to 2 GB