pinit fg en rect gray 20   Timex T5E001 Pedometer Monitor You Cycling

monitor your biking progress with timex t5e001 pedometer 300x203   Timex T5E001 Pedometer Monitor You CyclingAlthough cycling is a sporting activity, many people would engage on this sport not to be competitive in it but for their own health benefits. It has been an established fact that cycling is a good aerobic exercise that is helpful in proper oxygen distribution in the body.

If you are among these consumers, it will be beneficial for you to track down your progress by using a Timex T5E001 Pedometer. One of its main features is that it can track down the total distance that you have run on your bike. This is good if you have a target distance in mind to help you improve your body’s aerobic activities.

If you love lightweight things, you will love Timex T5E001 Pedometer as it is very light in weight even though it can measure miles of distances. And in fact, it is so light weight that you can clip it on your clothing with its integrated belt clip.

In terms of convenience, this product will be helpful for you as its display is very easy to read especially if you will ride your bike under the heat of the sun. Aside from this, its battery power can last up to 10,000 hours with your use.

Therefore, whether you are biking for a cycling contest or just want to measure your exercise progress, you can trust Timex T5E001 Pedometer to give you the accurate distance that you have in order to help you achieve the best health that you want and aerobic activity that you need.