pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Stick Massages Soreness for Cyclists

the stick massages soreness cyclists   The Stick Massages Soreness for Cyclists

When you take your first look at “The Stick“, you could be forgiven for thinking about baking rather than massaging, because this item could very well pass for a dough roller rather than a must-have massage tool. However, this implement could become one of your most valued training and recovery tools, since The Stick allows you to perform a highly-effective rubdown of your muscles for a variety of purposes.

Like any other athlete, cyclists also need to warm up their muscles before going on any strenuous activity. When they are recovering from an injury, they need to break up muscle tissues for faster healing, and they also need to recover from muscle soreness after a strenuous workout either on the road or in the gym.

The Stick’s purpose is to allow athletes to perform effective self-massages on their bodies and allow their sore and tired muscles to recover faster by kneading out the accumulated lactic acid that has built up during the day. It is extremely effective for massaging your legs after a hard day’s ride, although some testers have observed that since this product needs both hands to apply the proper pressure to be any use at all, it seems to be most effective for massaging the legs, and nothing else.

However, given its limitations, most users of the Stick have reported significant improvements in their recovery time, and a lot of cyclists have also observed that it is most useful after spending long hours in the saddle. Testers report that the Stick makes an easy job of kneading out the knots and soreness in your muscles, thus providing the user with a “healing massage” experience for only a fraction of the cost of a real massage.

Of course, a real massage from a certified therapist is hands-on the best option, but “The Stick” works its magic whenever a therapist is not available.