pinit fg en rect gray 20   The Athertons ride for Commencal

The Athertons ride for Commencal 300x201   The Athertons ride for Commencal

Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton will be racing for Team Commencal on their two years of bike brand sponsorship. The Atherton clan has reached a higher stage of competitiveness with their keen desire for riding and stubborn urge to win.

Max Commencal recalls the three years they have worked together resulting to this extraordinary team. He is grateful to Madison and their UK distributors for the time and effort put into developing the Athertons. “Rachel is rabid-like in her determination, Gee is more missile than ever, and Dan is going to surprise us once again” thus says Commencal. A number of planned projects they have drawn out together are set to be implemented both on the technological and sporting aspects of the bike brand. Max Commecal proudly further states, “We’re going to enjoy ourselves even more and help move the industry that we love those extra few steps forward.”

Dan Brown, the team manager believes that closely working with Commencal in these three past seasons helped him decide to continue using the same frames supplied by Commencal long after their contract expires in 2009. Everybody is happy with the choice and will continue their support for the position of title sponsor.

With the signing of the two-year contract of bike brand sponsorship, the Athertons’ riding knowledge will be merged together with the development skills and resources of Commencal. Dan, Gee and Rachel embarking with the projects set together with Commecal will get all the opportunities and the means they need to win in any World stage sporting event. The Atherton Racing Team is set and ready to race under the Team Commencal banner.

The team successes for the past three seasons were brought about with their continued partnership with Fox Racing Shox, Animal and Shimano. This season, the Atherton siblings will ride and race Commecal’s Supreme DH and Absolut 4X Ti.